Video marketing: 3 Irish examples of best practice

This week’s blog is focused on video marketing. Video marketing is using videos to promote and market a product or brand. Video marketing is an element of marketing that seems to be on the rise year after year. There are many factors that influence this statistic, for example, it is easier to convey emotions such as sadness, happiness and humour through the use of videos than it is through pictures or blocks of text.

Today, I am going to flag 3 Irish examples of video marketing in which I think are companies benefiting from their use of video marketing. The company’s and ads that I have chosen to discuss are “Kerrygold- The Sod”, “Guinness-Christmas advert” and “Paddy Power-Blind football”. I personally think that these three adverts have been very proactive for their respective company’s in terms of video marketing.

Firstly, Kerrygold’s advert “The sod”.Kerrygold advert. There are many factors that make this advert an example of successful video marketing. The advert begins with interesting music playing as the camera scours the rugged Irish landscape. For me, this immediately grabs the attention of viewers as they are drawn in by the intriguing music.  The digging of the sod of rich Irish turf adds an element of mystery as the viewer is trying to figure out the message that is being conveyed. This is also a clever way that Kerrygold get across the point that they only use the healthiest and richest soil to make their butter. We are also given an image of a typical Irish home in the country side, which appeals to the Irish viewers. There is also the prominent use of Kerrygold butter to be seen in the ad. Multiple emotions are also used in this ad, the contrast between humour and sadness compliment each other nicely as we get a sense of the emotion from both sides of the story. We see an element of sadness from the mother in the ad as we watch her try and come to terms with the fact there is a woman in her sons life and they are all set to emigrate to Germany. She then makes a joke suggesting that Ireland export all there best stuff, implying that Kerrygold produce is one of Ireland’s best products. The glancing look towards her son also shows her love and affection towards him and the overall sadness that she is feeling. This would appeal to a huge number of viewers who have experienced love ones emigrating to different countries. Sadness is once again conveyed as we see the mother shed a tear as her son takes off for Germany.

As they head on their way, they are surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the rugged Irish countryside, showing the waterfall bashing off the rocks and the multiple shades of green through out the many fields. Humour is once again brought into the ad as the son clutched his box tight with the sod of Irish soil. “Although he may be born in Germany, his feet will touch Irish soil first” is said as the couple head for Germany. This gives the viewers a sense of pride to be Irish, which is a trait that they also share with Kerrygold as an Irish company. The scene finally cuts out as the couple get a last glimpse of the beautiful Irish countryside.

I think this ad was a very successful campaign for Kerrygold because it relates to many people. More than this, the ad also relates to many Irish people on the basis that they are proud to be Irish, and also to many people on an international scale, with regards to people who have emigrated away from their family and loved ones. Portraying the fact that Kerrygold is like a taste of home. Moreover, it also appeals to many people on an emotional level which helps them to build a relationship with their viewers and potential customers.

Secondly, “Guinness-Christmas ad”. Guinness Christmas advert. This is another excellent example of video marketing from an Irish company. Guinness in their Christmas ad expertly use music to set the scene for their ad. The slow and iconic music brings to life the magical feeling many people experience during Christmas time. This, along with the subtle fall of snow, which is a rare occurrence also captures the attention of people who long for a white Christmas. This is well backed up by the images of people having fun in the snow, throwing snowballs and laughing. This, to me, gives the viewer a real sense of togetherness, something that everyone longs for at Christmas. The use of animals is also another technique used by Guinness to capture the attention of the viewers as “animals in advertising increase brand recognition and sales. That’s for sure!”  . “Scientists have found out that using animals in adverts is one of the most common and effective tools in grabbing the audience’s attention. Consumers willingly associate the brand with the animal.”

Beautiful imagery of white, snow filled streets accompanied by a large Christmas tree and Christmas lights also engage with the viewers as it attempts to get them excited for Christmas. Thus, relating the Guinness brand with happiness and excitement. Guinness expertly create the iconic image of a pint of Guinness in their add by having snow on the large black gates of the Guinness brewery, this symbolizes the Guinness brand and associates Guinness with happy times at Christmas. As the advert comes to an end, Guinness play a clever slogan to relate to the viewers as the also long for a white Christmas. “even at the home of the black stuff, they dream of a white one”. The final image to be seen on the screen of the Guinness Christmas advert is the drink sensible logo, which once again aims to position the Guinness brand in a positive light in the mind of consumers by promoting themselves as a responsible brand.

Finally, “Paddy Power-Blind football”. Blind football advert. Although in 2010 in the UK, Paddy Power’s blind football was the most complained about advert of the year. I believe it to be an excellent example of video marketing. This was a very successful advert because it was a good example of shock advertising. It created a buzz and forced people to talk about the ad due to its controversy. This was free talk for Paddy Power, going with the approach that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

In this advert, the lack of music ads to the comical effect of the ad. The ad shows a blind team playing a game of football, using a bell in the football to figure out the balls position because they cannot rely on their sense of sight. Humour is hugely used in this advert as one of the players kicks the football out the door of the court. As the ball leaves, a cat enters the court, with a bell on its collar. Due to the fact that the players are blind, they cannot differentiate between the cat and the ball. Although when the cat is kicked it is a very controversial scene, but is an example of how well a company can use controversy and shock advertising to generate free talk for their company.

After this scene, a Paddy Power representative enters and gets the point of the ad across by handing one of the players money while explaining Paddy Power’s new money back guarantee. To me, this was excellent timing to get the point of the advert across as all the viewers were sure to be watching thanks to the comical effect that was previously displayed in the advert. This was also a clever way to appeal to customers, many customers would be interested in gambling if they felt like they had less of a risk.

For all of these reasons, I strongly believe that Kerrygold, Guinness and Paddy Power have proved to be fantastic examples of Irish video marketing with regards to best practice.

Thanks for reading!


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