Adam begins blogging : millennials are mobile-first. What marketers need to know.

Hi there, my name is Adam O Regan, and today I am going to discuss how millennials are mobile first, and what marketers need to know.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognise that millennials, along with the youth of today are a technology crazed generation. Millennials span from the ages of 18-35, and their interests can greatly vary from each other . According to Anne Gherini, director of marketing, Stumbleupon, “Millennials are also responding to advertising more than past generations, and there has been a shift in what sponsored content needs to be in order to really connect.”¬†This means to say that in the modern era, it is an easier task to market to the age group of 18-35, which we call millennials, than it ever was before. This is why millennials are are so important to marketers. In the U.S. Alone, there are about 80 million millennials, making them by far the largest demographic in the world. There are also more millennials in the workforce than any other generation. This is important to marketers because it shows that the biggest demographic with the highest level of disposable income is the millennials.¬†June 10, 2016 Kim Speier. Therefore to run a successful marketing campaign with the highest sales for your company, you ,it’s be targeting the “tech-savvy” millennials of the modern era. Although it is recognised that millennials have still not reached their full potential in therms of purchasing power due to the fact that they are indebted to student loans and rented accommodation, to a marketer, they are still the main focus in terms of demographics to aim marketing campaigns at due to their strong online presence.

Some companies are doing well in the “marketing to millennials strategy ” which could really benefit other companies and marketers seeking to break into this huge demographic of potential profitability. For example, Adblock is a company that stops ads from popping up online, they have an estimated 41% of millennials using software such as Adblock because it it original and practical. Give the millennials what they want. Netflix are also another market leader when it comes to millennials. Studies show that 75% of ¬†millennials with a connection to a television are using it to watch Netflix . This is a truly astonishing figure and although Netflix have a wide target market, they would not be where they are today with out the influence from the “open-minded “, “free-spirited” , “tech-savvy” millennials of the 21st century.Millennial content strategy



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