3 great brands that blog and 3 great brands on Twitter.

Hello again, today’s blog will be directed towards brands that blog successfully for their company and also brands that conduct themselves to the best of their abilities on Twitter. It’s true to say that blogging is quickly turning into the new internet craze, which makes this such an important topic for marketing. Although many companies currently blog on a regular basis, the three brands that I am going to discuss here are “coca-cola”, “Disney” and “AirBnB”.

Coca-Cola blog under their campaign name “Coca-Cola Unbottled” Coca-cola Unbottled blogging website. Coca-Cola share a wide variety of rich content through their blogs which in my option really grasp their consumers which ultimately build up a better relationship between the consumer and the brand. From a marketing point of view this is very important. What makes this a very successful blog in my option is that Coca-Cola are very responsive to engagement from consumers who have expressed interest in their blog. This gives them a chance to directly engage with their customers to gain feedback and also build up that ever important rapport with the consumers. Throughout their blogging website interesting articles and creative and intriguing imagery can be found. Also the theme of red and white which is the colour of the Coca-Cola brand are maintained throughout. This to me shows that Coke are not afraid to express themselves as a brand to best reach their consumers and to position their brand in the best light in the minds of the consumersimageFor these reasons I think that Coca-Cola Unbottled is a brand that is definitely benefitting from the strong work that is being done through the new social craze of blogging.

The next company that I am going to look at who do well in the world of blogging is “Disney”. Although Disney may not be the strongest company in the world in terms of blogging, I must commend the, for coinciding their blog directly to the attitude of the brand. Business grow said “It’s the happiest blog on earth featuring insights on Mary Poppins, Winnie The Pooh and Magic Kingdom trivia”.Business grow.com. Although, unfortunately it is true to say that the Disney blogs lacks the human aspect that it once had by making the current bloggers and writers post material anonymously, I still think that Disney’s blog is admirable to say the least.Disney’s blog is easy to use for all age groups so can therefore target a larger audience. They successfully do this by having a well laid out explore page with categories of preference that users can choose to explore. Also their use of bright and light colours to me goes hand in hand with the personality of Disney’s reputable brand.image

The Final company in which I think runs a great blog hitch shows a clear impact on their company are AirBnB.(AirBnB blog). AirBnb take more of a practical and minimalist approach to blogging and I firmly believe that this best reaches the their desired target market travelers generally want as little hassle as possible. For this reason I think that the minimalist approach is a great aspect of their blog. Another reason that makes this blog successful is that AirBnB have personalised it so that recent traveller who have used AirBnB can get the story of their travels and dealings with AirBnB posted onto the black g under the stories category. This is clever use of customer interaction because it opens up the opportunity for two-way communication to take place and also allows AirBnB to hear first hand what kind of experience they are offering to customers. On a personal note, AirBnB are my favourite blogging brand at this moment in time. According to cement marketing, articles with images get 94% more views than articles without.Cement marketing.com. AirBnB for me, once again stand out from the crown by showing beautiful photography from around the world which is more likely to catch the reader’s eye. 94% more likely in fact.image

Although I have no doubt that these companies and brands also have great Twitter accounts. The three brands that really strike me as market leaders in terms of their Twitter accounts are “Starbucks Coffee”,”PlayStation” and “Paddy power”.

Starbucks Coffee : Starbucks Twitter account. Starbucks can boast to an impressive 11.8 million followers on their twitter page. I think personally that what makes Starbucks such a great brand on twitter is the volume and regularity of their posts which allows then to position their brand as positively as possible and often. By having regular posts, theyre increasing the number of people who see each post and positioning their products in the minds of their  consumers. Starbucks also follow nearly 1 million other pages on Twitter. Personally I think this gives them another big advantage to  the rewards of their Twitter account because they can provide the element of personalization to nearly 1 million followers.starbucks

Not only is Starbucks a leading brand on twitter due to its huge volume of followers. Starbucks also Tweet in such a way that makes consumers feel like they need Starbucks. For example, their statement “Inspiring and nurturing the human spirit – one person, one cup, one neighbourhood at a time.” This statement, for me, tells the starbucks Twitter followers that Starbucks care. More than this, Starbucks also post rich and flavourful imagery to appeal to the senses of its followers to essentially make them want to  physically go and buy a Starbucks coffee.starbucks-imagery

I truly believe that a lot of Starbucks success offline is due to its strong online presence such as its Twitter page and for this reason I think that Starbucks is a great brand on Twitter.

The next brand in which I believe is a great brand on Twitter is none other than Sony’s “Playstation”Playstation Twitter account. Playstation, like Starbucks, is another brand that can boast to a massive following on Twitter. Playstation has an astonishing 12.4 million followers. Personally I find this figure very impressive as Playstation would only attract the interest of gamers. Playstation expertly keeps their followers interested by releasing trailers and sneak peaks of upcoming games that are yet to be released for purchased. This keeps gamers loyal to the Playstation brand as Playstation gives them something to constantly be looking forward to. The next big release. red dead.PNG

For me, the best part about Playstation’s twitter account is their spin-off account called “ask Playstation”.@AskPlaystation. Ask Playstation is a feature of Playstation’s twitter account whereby followers can post their queries and questions to issues they have with Playstation and get as response on how to best solve the problem. personally, I think this a fantastic concept and also one that sets Playstation apart from other companies as  brand with a great presence on twitter.ask-playstation

The Final company that I think is a great brand on twitter is “Paddy Power”. Paddy Power Twitter account. Paddy Power is an Irish bookmakers and although it cannot boast to the huge following that Starbucks and Playstation can, there are other reasons that make Paddy Power stand out to me as a great brand on Twitter. Firstly, Paddy Power uses comedy as a basis for many of their marketing stunts, and their Twitter account is no different. I think this approach to their Twitter account is very beneficial for them, especially amongst their Irish followers. Much like PlayStation’s “Ask Playstation”, Paddy Power greatly utilise the use of their hashtag “#WhatoddsPaddy?”. This is a service to help their followers and potential customers to get the best quote for a bet in the fastest time and at the least convenience to the customer. This is  once again a fantastic approach and technique to get potential customers engaging with Paddy Power as a brand.what odds paddy.PNG

For all of the above reasons, I believe that the brands that I have mentioned are some what market leaders  in respect to utilising blogging and Twitter accounts to best promote their business.


Adam begins blogging : millennials are mobile-first. What marketers need to know.

Hi there, my name is Adam O Regan, and today I am going to discuss how millennials are mobile first, and what marketers need to know.

It doesn’t take a genius to recognise that millennials, along with the youth of today are a technology crazed generation. Millennials span from the ages of 18-35, and their interests can greatly vary from each other . According to Anne Gherini, director of marketing, Stumbleupon, “Millennials are also responding to advertising more than past generations, and there has been a shift in what sponsored content needs to be in order to really connect.” This means to say that in the modern era, it is an easier task to market to the age group of 18-35, which we call millennials, than it ever was before. This is why millennials are are so important to marketers. In the U.S. Alone, there are about 80 million millennials, making them by far the largest demographic in the world. There are also more millennials in the workforce than any other generation. This is important to marketers because it shows that the biggest demographic with the highest level of disposable income is the millennials. June 10, 2016 Kim Speier. Therefore to run a successful marketing campaign with the highest sales for your company, you ,it’s be targeting the “tech-savvy” millennials of the modern era. Although it is recognised that millennials have still not reached their full potential in therms of purchasing power due to the fact that they are indebted to student loans and rented accommodation, to a marketer, they are still the main focus in terms of demographics to aim marketing campaigns at due to their strong online presence.

Some companies are doing well in the “marketing to millennials strategy ” which could really benefit other companies and marketers seeking to break into this huge demographic of potential profitability. For example, Adblock is a company that stops ads from popping up online, they have an estimated 41% of millennials using software such as Adblock because it it original and practical. Give the millennials what they want. Netflix are also another market leader when it comes to millennials. Studies show that 75% of  millennials with a connection to a television are using it to watch Netflix . This is a truly astonishing figure and although Netflix have a wide target market, they would not be where they are today with out the influence from the “open-minded “, “free-spirited” , “tech-savvy” millennials of the 21st century.Millennial content strategy